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Design Chambers' Privacy, Equality & Diversity, Recruitment and E-Mail Attachment policies


Privacy and the Use of "Cookies" and the like

Design Chambers' web-sites do not collect, capture or store any personal information, nor do they place any "cookie" on a viewer's computer.  The sites' web-servers (and web-page "forwarders"), physically located in the UK, at most merely log the users' IP (Internet Protocol) address and details of any referring web-page in the usual industry-accepted manner.  Page counters (if any) are set only to log the number of times a given page has been accessed.

Data Controller:  Richard Hodgson of Design Chambers, at the above address, is the notified data controller of chambers.


Equality and Diversity

Design Chambers is an equal opportunities chambers, in respect of  its members [there are no staff], its lay and professional clients, and those who provide services to chambers, such as couriers and IT services.  In practice, this means that as regards the selection of its members, those who provide services to chambers as well as the way members deliver their service to lay and professional clients, there is and will be no discrimination, either direct or indirect, on the following grounds:

The above includes the need to ensure that members of chambers do not harass, act to the detriment of , nor victimise potential applicants, clients, and those who provide services to chambers.  Harassment and victimisation will not be tolerated nor condoned, and anyone who considers that they have been subject to such behaviour has a right to involved the complaints procedure, very preferably on a prompt basis.

At all times, chambers will act in accordance with the Equality and Diversification Rules of the Bar Standards Board's Code of Conduct (in particular r.305.1, r.408 and r.409 as applicable to the size and nature of chambers at any given time).  Further, chambers similarly adopts the principles set out in the Guidelines of the Bar Standards Board on the Equality and Diversity Provisions of the Code of Conduct - including the model policies in section 12 as to harassment;  parental leave;  and reasonable adjustments for those with disabilities, as well as the replies given by the Bar Standards Board in its "New Equality Provisions of the Code of Conduct - Frequently asked Questions".  Yet further, chambers also similarly adopts the principles of the Bar Standards Board Guidance on the Diversity Collection Rules.

Equality and Diversity Officer, and Data Diversity Officer:  Richard Hodgson of Design Chambers

Design Chambers Complaints Procedure


Recruitment:  Design Chambers will act fairly and in line with the current laws, regulations and codes in training and making any arrangements to advertise, interview and select any new member of chambers or pupil.  Please note that Design Chambers does not presently intend to recruit any staff, pupils or mini-pupils for the period 2012 - 2014.  If there were to be change, an announcement will be made on this website.


Some Anonymised Diversity Data in respect of Design Chambers members

All members are male (in the past - but prior to her planned retirement - there has been a female member of chambers)

1 member is in the 45 to 49 year old age group

1 member is in the 50 to 54 year old age group

1 member is in the 55 to 59 year old age group

1 member is White British

1 member is White British/Irish

1 member is White British/Other European


Unsolicited e-mail attachments

Design Chambers' general policy is not to open e-mail attachments (even though virus-checked on receipt), save those that are expected or are from sources well known to Chambers.   Please note that this policy very much includes ".txt", ".axles", ".pot", ".off", ".doc"; ".docks"; and ".PDF" attachments as well as any unsolicited curriculum vitae ("co").


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