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CPD - Continuing Professional Development courses


Introduction to our CPD courses

Members of Design Chambers have very wide experience of giving CPD courses (approved by the SRA and BSB) to solicitors and barristers.  The well-received standard courses, usually given by their author Richard Hodgson, are 3, 4 and 6 hours long, giving 3, 4 and 6 CPD points respectively.   They are given at the client's offices or any other appropriate venue.

The standard courses are relatively intensive and interactive but traditional (not PowerPoint based!).   To that extent, they may not suit all tastes.  We believe that they are cost-efficient for many delegates and firms.  All courses are kept fully up-to-date.  Many of the standard continuing professional development courses were first given to solicitors by Richard through BLS of Manchester (BLS was fully bought out by BPP in 2003)

For up to eight delegates, typical fees for a standard SRA approved course (not per delegate) are in the range of 350 for a three hour course, 465 for a four hour course, and 4675 for a full-day six hour course.  VAT, reasonable travel and subsistence expenses have to be added.  Travel time is not charged!  Fees for courses tailored to a client's specific needs are also keenly priced.  Discounts are available if more than six hours are booked for a CPD year.  Full notes (almost verbatim if required) are available to each delegate. 

Courses can be arranged to be given during weekday evenings or weekends.


Standard Courses

These include the intensive whole day (6 hour) introductory courses on:

Whole day (6 hours) courses on:


Four hour courses on:


Half day (3 hours) courses on:


Individually prepared courses

Members of Chambers are always willing to consider the preparation of special CPD courses prepared specific clients' requirements.  Such courses can also be given at the client's offices or any other suitable venue.  These "bespoke" courses, usually though not invariably given in a relatively traditional manner, cover much ground in the hope of offering good value for the fee involved.  Again, very full notes (almost verbatim) and support materials can be arranged for each delegate.

Please do contact us with any specific requirement.  If we feel that a course would not be within our areas of expertise, we will not hesitate to say so.  Whilst the standard course fee structure will not apply, we still aim to offer a competitive rate, and especially so if part or parts of an existing course (or courses) can be used as the foundation of the course.